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Nigerians Urged To Learn To Respect Nigeria


The Nigerian flag as it is popularly called has a rectangular shape with three equal vertical bands of Green, white and Green. The flag was designed by Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi in 1959 and adopted on the first of October 1960.

Nigerians, more often, forget or do not realize that the flag symbolizes the true Nigeria.
In this special report, our correspondent looks at the negative attitude of Nigerians to the flag saying that the Nigerian flag represents what Nigeria truly ought to be.
The Green colour in the flag stands for the fertile agricultural land and other natural resources while the white colour stands for peace and unity
As a national symbol, the flag is expected to be seen proudly hoisted on every public building across the nation.
However, it has been observed that some public buildings do not have the national flag and in some cases, where it is hoisted, the flag looks dirty and torn.
Speaking to the ABS, a legal practitioner, Barrister Emeka Osunkwo, explained that the reason stems from the general negative attitude of Nigerians towards the nation, noting that the flag, which is a symbol of the canting, should be accorded honor and dignity.
Barrister Osunkwo called on the National Orientation Agency to draw the attention of Nigerians, especially the youths, through orientation programmes to what the flag stands for, and stressing the need to include civic education in school curricula to make the younger generation develop a positive attitude towards the country’s national symbols .
On the possibility of poor leadership giving rise to poor attitude to national symbols, the legal practitioner agreed that there is need for the nation’s leaders to be selfless, noting however, that no matter the situation , Nigerians need to have more respect and honor for their country.
Speaking on why the national flag was not hoisted on her premises, the principal of Kenneth Dike memorial secondary school, Awka, lady Ifeoma Uzokwe, said the school does not have perimeter fencing around the school and this gives way to Indian hemp smokers who usually make use of the school compound for their criminal activities to tamper with the flag on the premises.
On her part, the headmistress of Ikwodiaku primary school, Mrs. Bridget Amata, also noted that because of the activities of Indian harm smokers in the school compound ,the school management brings the flag out in the morning and takes it in at the close of school every day.
At Ubaka comprehensive secondary school Awka the principal ,Reverend sister Pauline Anozie, called on Nigerians to treat the national flag and other national symbols with respect and honor.


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