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World AIDS Day Holds Today : Health Commissioner Advocates Sexual Discipline


Today is world Aids day .
World aids day which is marked on first December every year provides opportunity for people worldwide to Unit in the fight against HIV,

show support for people living with HIV and commemorate those who have died.
The day was first celebrated in 1988.
Thirty four million people have the virus globally while other thirty five million people have died from the virus which was identified in 1984.
The essence of marking the day is to remind the public that HIV is still prevalent and that there is  need  to increase awareness, and improve education.
In 2014, Nigeria recorded nine point seven percent HIV Aids prevalence while in 2016 the prevalent rate in the country was put at eight point two percent.
Speaking on the theme of this  year’s celebration “ Hands on for HIV prevention” the state commissioner for health, Doctor Joe Akabuike called on the public to take necessary  prevention  against the virus and ensure  that those infected are treated to live a normal life.
Dr. Akabuike said that there is no cure for the disease but that there are vaccines that can be used to manage the illness.
He them advised couples to be faithful to their partners, even as he urged spinsters to abstain from sexual activities to avoid contracting the virus .
On his part a medical Doctor, Dr Izuchukwu Okeke called for early test, treatment and protection of the rights of the patients and condemned all forms of discrimination against HIV patients


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