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Medical Doctor Speaks On Measures For Healthy Life


A medical Practitioner Dr Ernest Ifebi says regular exercise, eating lot of fruits and vegetables, reduction in alcohol intake adequate sleep among others can help immensely to delay ageing.

Dr Ifebi stated this at a meeting of the Anglican Diocese of Awka held at saint Peters Anglican church Abagana Njikoka Local Government Area.
In his lecture at the event, Dr Ifebi said that a 2015 study has revealed that people who participate in regular physical activities have up to thirty five per cent lower risk of stroke and coronary heart disease, up to fifty per cent lower risk of type two diabetes,: fifty per cent, lower risk of colon cancer : twenty per cent, lower risk of breast cancer: up to thirty per cent, lower risk of demental depreciation and memory loss among others.
He called on fathers to effectively manage their health through regular medical checks, eating good nutritional foods, avoiding late night eating, stress and ensuring adequate sleep in order to live a healthy life.
The President of father’s association, Awka Anglican diocese, Sir Obi Nwude charged fathers to be responsive to their duties, raise their families in the way of the Lord, pray together and always take good care of their health.
The meeting attracted fathers from the fifteen archdeaconries that make up the Awka Anglican diocese.


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