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Separating Reality From Ruse


There is a common quote that, “Sometimes we only hear and see what we want to until the reality hits us”.

This is hardly the case these days. In fact, we have sadly seen situations where this appears not to be applicable to some devious politicians and their band of paid social media fifth columnists. They would rather run with the figment of their imaginations, all in attempt to alter the facts-driven narrative that has benchmarked governance in this country and made Anambra State a model for emulation.

However, reality has become the sole of modern politics as times have passed when people lap up all kinds of lies and empty promises. People have become more discerning and less gullible. We should not kid ourselves into believing that they do not know who has profoundly worked for them with the meagre resources available as opposed to the minimalist regime that virtually had a windfall at its disposal. That they let the sleeping dog lie does not mean they have been fooled into believing that they have not been pick-pocketed.

Reality is different from a Reality TV Show aimed at entertaining the audience after which the producer and his crew dismantle and evacuate their set and props at the duration of their programmes. Reality is the physical existence around us which we can see, feel and experientially or practically interact with. It is not what we imagine or dream.

The reality is that Anambra Rice is not a ruse like some political adversaries would want people to believe. A platform speaker recently spoke derisively of the brand as if it was concocted for the purpose of propaganda. He succeeded in entertaining his uninformed audience but those who are aware of the reality on ground immediately consigned the presentation to where it rightly belongs.

It is a shame that while people from other parts of the country are asking Governor Willie Obiano to come and give talks on how he wrought the palpable paradigm shift, a handful of disgruntled elements here are busy disparaging a well thought out effort.

What they have refused to realize is that Anambra Rice is just one of the many realities that Obiano administration has invented, just that their acute myopia and selective perception would not let them see the true picture.

However, the encouraging aspect of this mischief is that ndi Anambra know better. They know the current agricultural revolution going on in the state is a reality and not a ruse. They know it is a reality that government made improved seedlings and sundry equipment available to farmers so that they can enjoy better harvests.

Ndi Anambra know it is a reality that government trained vegetable farmers on how to grow organic vegetables that would be acceptable in foreign markets and actually created a link that facilitate the export of these privately grown vegetables. It is a reality that Obiano’s administration consciously set up the Anambra State Small Business Agency (ASBA) to support small and medium enterprises, the main vocation of our people.

It is a reality that security drastically improved under Obiano’s administration, paving the way for both local and foreign investors to see Anambra State as a choice destination for investment. It is indeed
a reality that, in the last 34 months, Anambra State has attracted well over 3billion dollars in investment.

It is an incontrovertible fact that salaries are paid on time, when other states are in Abuja, cap in hand, for one form of bail-out or the other. It is a reality that the landscape of Awka, the state capital, has been aesthetically transformed with the erection of three furniture bearing flyovers, bridges, maze of new roads with street light and drainages to match.

It is also a reality that while other states are whining over the hash consequences of the economic recession, this government has risen to the occasion by introducing a string of economic measures to mitigate the pains occasioned by the current economic downturn and much more.

The good news though is that those who appreciate the economic implication of the agricultural revolution going on in Anambra State visited Governor Obiano a couple of weeks ago. The high powered team was made up of the Minister for Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbe; Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Godwin Emefiele; Kebbi State Governor,
Alhaji Abubakar Bagudu and a retinue of top ranking technocrats. Their mission was to see, first hand, what is happening in the state’s agro sector and they were delightfully awed to say the least.

The reality of Anambra Rice production stared them in the face. And what they saw instinctively elicited their commitments and assurances to their host. The visiting team pledged to support the laudable effort which most economists agree is one major route out of the current recession.


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