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Doing Things Differently In A Positive Manner


Governor Willie Obiano has obviously done many things positively different from others.

This is probably because he underwent special financial management and leadership training before eventually emerging as the helmsman of Anambra state. Apart from his brilliant academic records from primary to tertiary levels, Governor Obiano worked successfully in reputable blue chip companies in the banking and the oil and gas industry, and got to the zenith of his profession as a first class accountant and auditor.

Therefore, when he came on board as the governor of the state, he was better prepared in the art of governance and economic management. In his inaugural speech, Governor Obiano unveiled his four pillars of development, anchored on mechanized agriculture, oil and gas, trade and commerce and industrialization. However, because of the general failure of the Nigerian political class, many people erroneously thought that these programmes were another political gimmick. But happily, Governor Obiano has, in the past two years and eight months, proved all doubting Thomases wrong.

He established a security initiative, popularly known as "Operation kpochapu", which has evidently made Anambra the safest and most secured state in the country today. With the conducive business climate, investments estimated at over four point seven billion dollars have been attracted into the state. These massive investments are being made possible by the Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency, ANSIPPA, created by the present government.

Never before has the state, in its twenty-five years history, experienced agricultural revolution as is the case today. The state is now a force to be reckoned with in massive rice and vegetable production and export in Africa. In the face of a debilitating economic recession in Nigeria today, when twenty-seven states are finding it almost impossible to pay salaries and pensions of their workers and retirees, the Anambra state government is doing it with ease. In fact, Anambra workers get bank alert of payment of their salaries and allowances before the end of every month. Little wonder Governor Obiano has been gladly nicknamed, "the alert governor". Last year, he made sure that each civil and public servant, without exception, got a bag of rice, free of charge, for the Christmas and New Year festivities. With the production of over two hundred and ten thousand metric tonnes of rice this year, the governor has again given assurance of another bag of rice.

Again, in order to ameliorate the plight of the masses in this period of excruciating economic hardship in the country, the present administration in Anambra state has graciously put in place an economic stimulus package for self employed low income earners and parents of children in public primary and secondary schools, with the abolition of certain levies and taxes hitherto imposed on them. Before the economic stimulus package, the government had established the Anambra State Small Business Agency, ASBA, which is facilitating provision of single digit interest loans to small and medium scale enterprises as well as cooperative societies in the state.

Never before in the history of the state has its government released twenty million naira to each of its one hundred and seventy-nine communities to execute projects chosen by them. The Obiano administration is the first ever to initiate and implement such laudable people-oriented programme. The contractors, artisans and laborers for the execution of the projects are drawn, engaged or
employed by the host communities, thus making them direct beneficiaries of democracy dividends arising from the Obiano initiative.

The present administration has obviously enhanced the status of Awka as a capital city, unlike the case under previous governments. Awka is today indeed, becoming more beautiful and sophisticated than ever with improved socio-economic activities.

The ongoing installation of street lights in different strategic places in the state, massive road construction and rehabilitation, their markings for safety and aesthetics as well as provision of road signs and modern bus stop shelters are all clear evidences of the fact that the governor is a man of good intentions

As we enter the Christmas season, the present Anambra state government is practically reminding us and demonstrating that we are indeed a Christian society. It is doing this by the ongoing beautiful
decoration of strategic places in our major cities in order to remind us of the miraculous birth of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ! No other government in the state has ever contemplated this noble gesture, except the Obiano administration.


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