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Gov. Obiano's Vision And Deliberate Naysayers


As 2016 tails off, the media is rife with speculations on Anambra State politics with its increasing tempo and burgeoning intrigues.

2017 provides Ndi Anambra another opportunity to choose who governs them when Governor Willie Obiano’s four year tenure rounds off on 18 March, 2018. Obiano’s constitutional entitlement to run for a second term explains the maneuvers among some politicians to either covet the exalted seat or scuttle his return.
There are deliberate efforts from dedicated quarters to subtly or outrightly undermine discussions and views on Chief Obiano’s government. They choose to rudely disregard the wide endorsement that Obiano has attracted for his unequaled achievement in making Anambra the best state in security in the country and continually improving the operational structures that have sustained the enviable position since he assumed office.
They appear jubilant cuckolding the administration’s trailblazing feat of becoming a frontline industrial and commercial hub in Nigeria. The Governor’s success in furthering the state’s excellence in the education sector, where the superlative performances of both the students and teachers of the state have continued to attract laurels in national and international competitions, would not impress; neither would the thronging of investors leveraging on the Governor’s business friendly acts and policies.
The most trenchant of hawkers of mischief hired to malign one whose managerial wizardry and expertise in financial matters have sustained the warmth in the state, despite the umbrella hardships consequent upon the national economic recession. Obiano pays workers between 24th and 28th of the month. He recently introduced what he termed Economic Stimulus: a package thoughtfully designed to soften the pains of the recession particularly among low income earners in the markets, parks and streets of Anambra. Yet, he must be vilified and mocked!
This tendency became apparent with the early emergence of these critics of the administration who lay no claim to dispassionate critiquing of its vision and mission; and so, whose views are cluttered with partisan snares and duplicitous conjectures. Their sustained pronouncement of odium on an administration that has positively redefined Anambra by reinventing the dignity and pride of the people leaves regrets on its trail.
The alibis readily provided by the liberal windows of the cyberspace seem to permit this cult of politicians’ unlimited expression. And in giving vent to their selfish misgivings, governance could crash and state affairs go hellish: that Obiano may suffer blackmail and malicious damage. This attitude sharply disagrees with Bill Clinton’s eternal counsel that while ‘Criticism is part of the lifeblood of democracy … we should remember that there is a big difference between criticizing a policy or a politician and demonizing the government and the public servants, on whose shoulders the weighty responsibility of the state’s sustenance rests’.
Anambra people should be put on red alert. One of the recurrent contributory phenomena to political turbulence in the 25 years of Anambra State is the sudden eruption of sour relationship between colleagues in politics. To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves and rational thinking demands that we live above such transparent egotism. Will Durant, in this solicitation, agrees with Robyn Benincasa that ‘You don’t inspire your team mates by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are.’
Chief Willie Obiano has fared well in governance and statecraft, and all fair minded patrons of the state have an obligation to lend support to his commitment to a prosperous and safe state. Anambra should be spared the pains of deliberate misrepresentation of their governor by a few who have willfully opted to scathingly lacerate the person and the office of the governor of Anambra State.
Available records show that since Chief Willie Obiano took the reins of office on 18 March, 2014, he has not wavered on his convictions for good governance. The Inaugural Address where the Governor wove his campaign promises and the avowals upon which he swore to govern the state, taken against the achievements of the administration, offers the right indices to fairly judge the Governor.
Obiano does not need to dissipate energy on self defence; his detractors seek no rational reason. Ndi Anambra should rather resist any plot that projects ideas that are ‘full of gaps and misleading pictures’; acts that are capable of driving ‘a perfectly fine right foot to strive to mutilate itself into a left foot.’


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