Commentary: Obiano And The Industrial Development Of Anambra


Governor Willie Obiano has turned Anambra from a Pariah State to one of the fastest growing economies in Nigeria.

Despite the economic downturn in the Country, the state has become the investment destination of both the indigenous and foreign investors who hitherto vacated the state.

Governor Obiano, today, has an intimidating scorecard of achievements which stand the test of time. All these have formed the underlying factors why he should be allowed to complete a second term. For instance, Governor Obiano has given Awka a befitting facelift as a capital city after many years of neglect. This explains the increase in the tempo of socio-economic, political and religious activities in the capital city lately.

Governor Obiano has equally provided security, which has made Anambra State the first choice investment destination in the country. Today, political activities are at its peak, very peaceful and entertaining because the fear of Kidnapping political opponents and perceived enemies of business associates, have vanished from the face of the state.

Ndi Anambra will never like to go back to the gloomy old days, when they go to church to sleep at night for fear of armed robbers. In fact, they would not like to go back to the dark old days when they gave their daughters’ hand in marriage at Lagos, Abuja and even in the Diaspora. The people should know the consequences of going back to Egypt to confront pharaoh again after the great trek in the wilderness.

The forty million naira community-choose-your project initiative has opened up the one hundred and eighty-one rural communities more than ever before. Governor Obiano has developed a systematic and pragmatic blueprint for agricultural revolution in the state. In addition, the Governor has brokered partnership between agro investors and production companies that will ensure that farmers in the state have ready market for their produce. Anambra State now grows more rice and vegetables than before. It also has one of the largest poultries in Nigeria. Moreover, the Governor has attracted investments in agriculture and other areas worth over 4 billion dollars. These have created influx of companies that provide jobs for thousands of people in the state.

Apart from all these and despite the economic quagmire, Governor Obiano has not relented in tackling the challenges of other sectors with the same equanimity. He has become workers friendly by paying their salaries and pensions of retirees as and when due.

These notwithstanding, the Governor has made massive investments in education by renovating schools, putting up basic infrastructure in markets to upgrade the sector and refurbishing hospitals to make them functional. He has also oiled the industrial sector, installed public utility and basic infrastructure.

Today, the hospitality industry is booming in the state and providing employment to the citizenry, because of adequate security and the availability of the street lighting system in key areas of the state.

One of the most important investments of the Obiano administration is the New Airport project at Umueri. This puzzle, which remained unsolved by successive administrations, has become a reality in the agenda of Obiano administration. This will make Anambra the business hub of the South-East. The Governor has made an in -road into road construction and rehabilitation. As a listening Governor, he has established the Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA), floated mass transit Buses and Taxis which have beaten down the cost of transportation across the state and provided emergency reliefs to people in distress.

All these have given credence to his re-election campaign of Better Today and Greater Tomorrow. Thus, having done better today, Governor Obiano will do greater exploits tomorrow. Petty traders, commercial motorcyclists and keke tricycle operators know how Governor Obiano saved them from the oppressive regimes of previous administrations. Even wheel barrow pushers are also witnesses to the governor’s generosity in terms of double taxation.

Let us give him a breathing space to turn around the State and make it the best out of the rest, for generations yet unborn.


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