Commentary: Political Godfathers As Agents Of Instability


From all indications, Anambra is presently the safest state in Nigeria. Thus, socio-economic activities in the state are stable, progressive and bubbling.

Little wonder that Anambra has become the investors’ haven. The state is undoubtedly the fastest growing economy in sub Sahara Africa.
The overall conducive socio-economic environment is made possible by governments enthroned by the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, since 2006. Hitherto, Anambra was in a state of anomie, during which things fell apart. In those days of regrets, the state was, most of the times, in the news for the wrong reasons.  As a matter of fact, Anambra, in those days of the locust, was a laughing stock. The heinous actions of persons referred to as renegades by late Professor Chinua Achebe, shamelessly held sway in the state as evidenced in the murderous escapades of the proscribed Bakassi boys, abduction of a sitting governor by hoodlums, aided by misguided senior police officers and mindless destruction of public property, etcetera.
Political analysts say that the anomalous situation in Anambra then was due to the overbearing influence of the so-called political Godfathers. Such unscrupulous Godfathers made the state ungovernable for the then governors.
The usually overbearing Godfathers allegedly compelled these former Chief Executives of our state to sign Irrevocable Payment Standing Orders, IPSOs, mandating the Shylock Godfathers to collect huge sums of money directly from the state's allocation from the federation account in Abuja. This was the main cause of the rudderless nature of the two administrations then.
Happily, the diabolic activities of such unscrupulous elements have been effectively redressed. Today, good governance, stability, law and order have been restored in Anambra state. The first and second APGA governments under the watch of former Governor Peter Obi generally performed well. Despite some excruciating challenges it faced between 2006 and 2008, the Obi administration actually laid the foundation on which the third APGA government ably led by Governor Willie Obiano is presently taking Anambra to an unprecedented height.
However, as the Anambra electorate brace for the November 18 gubernatorial election, there are very strong indications that the scepter of Godfatherism is rearing its ugly head again. Indeed, it is an open secret that some of the governorship candidates are being sponsored and bank-rolled by money bags known for their Machiavellian attitude to business and relationship with their fellow human beings. It is therefore feared that if any of these Godfathers succeeds in foisting his Godson on the state, Anambra would return to her very sad experiences.
However, the onus is on Ndi Anambra to, in unison, say NO to political Godfatherism. They should do this by once again voting massively for the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano in the November 18, 2017 gubernatorial election in the state.


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