Commentary: The Vision Is Working


When, on March 14, 2014, Governor Willie Obiano took over the mantle of leadership of Anambra State, Ndi Anambra were apprehensive as expectations were wild. Four years to the day,

only  a  few are still skeptical as the Obiano  administration had crafted and driven a vision and mission statement  that bore outcomes more than the most optimistic could forecast four years back. And these were achieved in the midst of miserable economic climate in Nigeria  
The Willie Obiano/Nkem Okeke team is a working partnership, leading a crack team anchored under four pillars and 12 enablers. Four years down the line, this undaunted team that set sail with competence, courage and determination made giant strides in Anambra.
First, fear disappeared for Ndi Anambra. Security of lives and property, hitherto unknown, took hold in the state. With the installation of brand new security architecture, there has been guaranteed peace and security of lives and property; with citizens now moving about freely, without fear of molestation. The cumulative effect is that the state has now become an investment destination for Ndi Anambra at home and in the Diaspora.
The streets of major towns and villages are equally being lit up through installation of electricity; thereby prolonging business hours as people now feel safe enough to extend their business hours. These achievements naturally underpin the credible calls for the ‘Think Home Initiative’ (Aku lue Uno) of the administration.  Within four years, numbers of Ndi Anambra have been heeding this call, manifesting in the large number of businesses in the form of hoteliers, farmers and industrialists thronging the state to put a foothold at home.
There have also been massive investments in modern milling, dis-toning, polishing and packaging of rice that has been making the local produce now more appealing. It is a reality that other crops like production of Cassava, Maize and vegetables are massively planted in Anambra State, while ‘Ugu and Onugbu’ are now available in shops in Europe and the U.S.
What all these translate to is tendency toward massive increase in food production, agro-based industries in the area of storage, Processing, Manufacturing and Packaging. And these, invariably, translate to more employment opportunities in the state.
The twenty million naira infrastructure initiative addressed to each community to choose her preferred project is the single most devastating attack on absence of government presence in every nook and cranny of Anambra. It is hugely successful, going into its second tranche and is guaranteed to immortalize the Willie Obiano/Nkem Okeke years of service to Ndi Anambra.
Today, all the promises are reality, hence Ndi Anambra overwhelmingly voted Willie Obiano/ Nkem Okeke ticket with a 21-21 landslide to continue to unfold the lofty plans for sustained development of the state. Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics reported that the Anambra economy has grown triple fold in the past three years, the Obiano years.
Perhaps, what will ultimately cap the Willie Obiano years will be the ongoing collaboration with the Chinese to deliver the Anambra Airport City project, which will come with massive investments in the Oil producing value chain. 
The first four years have been successful. Stripped of niceties, Willie is truly working; the vision is working. This inauguration is a new beginning for more work, stronger vision, commitment and certainty for Ndi Anambra in the next four years. Congratulations, Anambra.


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