Why More Nigerians Are Committing Suicide - Experts


Guests on ABS radio program, ‘Issues, with Don Onyeji’, have identified Isolation, depression, frustration and unemployment as some of the factors that can cause suicide in Nigeria today.

The Discussants looked at the alarming rate of suicide cases that has created serious concerns in the country, raising the nagging question; why would anybody want to kill himself; the causes and implications of committing suicide.

One of the guests, Professor Harry Obi Nwosu, a clinical and applied Psychologist, enunciated that suicide, which is a situation where someone takes his own life, could be as a result of Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression.

Professor Nwosu, therefore harped on the need for people to refrain from being isolated and for members of the society to render support to individuals they suspect to have suicidal tendencies, as it could help strengthen their hopes as well as help them conquer such situations.

Another guest, Dr. Emma Ezewanji, a social commentator, raised an alarm, that the Nigerian government has not been able to present any comprehensible measure to curb this social condition.

He, therefore, called on the government to look critically into this issue and bring up multi-sectoral plans, in line with WHO framework, which includes social welfare, employment, counseling and education to reduce the level of suicide cases in Nigeria.


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