Adoptive Parents Cautioned Against Abuse, Neglect Of Adopted Children


Adoptive parents have been advised to abide by adoption rules to save themselves and their adopted children from future challenges .

This was the standpoint of discussants on ABS live programme , ISSUES, which looked at adoption, its rules and requirements.

One of the discussants, Barrister John Okoli-Akirika, who described adoption as the legal process by which a child or group of children, who cannot be brought up within their family of birth, become full, permanent and legal members of their new family, said it must be done legally to avert problems inherent in the practice.
Barrister Okoli-Akirika made it clear that adoptive parents have the same rights and responsibilities as biological parents, just as adopted children, have the same emotional, social, legal and kinship benefits as biological children, and warned adoptive parents that abuse their adopted children to retrace their steps as the act is not only punishable by law but attracts the wrath of God.

Another discussant, who was a former Director in the state Ministry of Women’s and Children’s Affairs, Mr. Emeka Ejide, said adoption is a lifelong commitment, which requires very serious thought and preparation, stressing the need for applicants to consider the impact it will have on them as individuals and as couples, as well as on their immediate and extended family, before venturing into it.
Mr. Ejide, who regretted the rate at which some adopted children suffer in the hands of their Adoptive parents, listed background of the Adoptive parent or parents, his social and financial status among other factors to be considered by the bodies saddled with the responsibility of approving adoption, to ensure the child involved, is in safe hands.
Callers to the programme , including Mr. David More from Nanka, Chukwubunna from Achalla, lady Anulika from Awka, among others, who shared their views and experiences on adoption, called on relevant agencies responsible for adoption to keep a close watch on activities of adoptive parents to ensure safety of adopted children.


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